Does Your Business Need a Leader or a Manager?

Does Your Small Business Need a Manager or a Leader?

Of course, ideally, your business would have both. However, have you ever heard the expression “Too many generals and not enough soldiers?” Well, both points are worth considering. Too many soldiers without a strong general will surely find themselves fighting the wrong battles.

Businesses with too many leaders could fail from their inability to manage effectively. Likewise companies with excellent managers fail because they did not innovate or motivate team members.

We need to develop managers who can lead and leaders who can manage. So what is the difference?

Think of it like this: manage things, lead people.

For example great managers manage costs, inventory, cash flow, processes, information systems, facilities and operations. With regard to leadership, great businesses lead their people, drive the company vision, guide their employee and customer perceptions. Ultimately, they generate a positive and productive corporate mindset and culture.

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Knowing the difference between a manager and a leader can improve how your business performs.

As the business owner, you are responsible for leading your business to success and getting your people excited about your vision for the business.

Too often leadership is seen as defining a step-by-step business strategy that people need to follow. However, coming up with a strategy and relying on your position as business owner is not enough.

That model fails you, your employees and your business. People will learn to do just what they have to so that they can meet expectations and not lose their job. True leadership is the art of understanding and rewarding your employees’ and customers’ needs so that they want to make your business a success. Recruit competent people who can manage the day-to-day tasks and operations so that you can lead your organization forward.

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