Why work with a Certified Tax Coach?

We specialize in helping business owners.

The road to saving money on your taxes begins with a qualified tax professional. Not all CPAs and accountants have the expertise to understand tax code like we do. With Scott A. Kunkel, CPA, PC, we can lower your tax burden, and keep more of your income in your pocket where it belongs.

Rely on our Certified Tax Coach

Scott Kunkel is a Certified Tax Coach, highly trained in identifying loopholes, tax credits, and more in order to reduce your tax burden. We even offer a free tax strategy session in order to see where we can save you money on your taxes.

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Scott Kunkel has earned the professional title of Certified Tax Coach, which is a special designation meaning he is highly-trained, with the ability to identify deductions, loopholes, and tax credits that an average CPA, Enrolled Agent, or accountant would not be able to find.

We understand complex tax laws

The United States tax code is changing all the time. Without constant focus on the current laws, how will you keep up with the 67,000 page tax code in order to reduce your taxes as much as possible?


Get the experts in your corner

With our specialized training as a Certified Tax Coach, we are able to leverage loopholes that will bring you the most savings. Average CPAs, or even Enrolled Agents will not have the expertise in identifying new and existing deduction strategies that will keep the most money in your pocket. We rescue thousands of dollars every year that would otherwise be lost to unnecessary taxes.


Tax reduction made easy

We take a practical approach in order to educate you on ways that you can reduce your taxes. We will explain everything in terms that make sense, and get you started on the steps needed to reduce your tax burden right now.